Parent Hospital Details

Our Lady of health Hospital otherwise called the “Andavar Aspathri” or the “Bishop’s Hospital” was the outcome of the ardent desire of His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. R. Arockiasamy Sundaram D.D., C.L.M.A. The hospital was started in the year of 1961. The hospital consists of 300 beds and 50 % of beds are allotted at free of cost for the poor and needy people. 

The students gain clinical experience through block postings at the various departments of Our Lady of Health hospital namely

a. The department of Medicine and Surgery
b. Obstetrics and Gynecology
c. Pediatrics
d. ENT
e. Orthopedics
f. Cardiology
g. Nephrology
h. Hepatology
i. Diabetology
j. Pediatric surgery
k. Gastroenterology
l. Physiotherapy