Fundamentals of Nursing are the foundation for all nurses. This covers the history, theories, and basic skills, understanding nursing process applications and its essence and more.

The department provides the opportunity to the students to learn the technical procedures used in direct patient care. The department of fundamentals of nursing is designed to progress from simple to complex and to enable the student to understand the rationale for various procedures and treatments.

The nursing process is introduced as a method of problem solving and foundation for delivery of client care. The student will perform nursing skills and function within the scope of practice from a practical nurse in the long term care setting.

In addition, the student will learn basic information about the family unit and family dynamics, problems that may occur in the family structure, and basic gerontological concepts related to the care of the aging client.


Our Lady of Health College of Nursing is attached to Our Lady of Health Hospital, a 300 bedded multispecialty hospital, with anaverage bed occupancy of 75%. The students are provided with an opportunity to master their skills in real clinical setting.

The nursing foundation lab is a 12 bedded lab measuring 1500 sqft is well ventilated and spacious, is furnished with latest and suitable equipments, instruments and mannequins - viz stainless steel, glass, aluminium, enamel, rubber, plastic articles and Special Equipments like Unisex multi task mannequins, Catheterization mannequins, intravenous cannulation Arm and Enema mannequins The lab is well stocked with adequate linen to master their clinical skills.

Training Areas

> Our Lady of Health Hospital
> Thanjavur medical college Hospital
> ANU Hospital
> KRA Hospital
> KG Hospital


The Department of Medical-surgical nursing has evolved from an entry-level position to a distinct specialty. It is no longer viewed as a stepping-stone, but is the solid rock and the backbone of every institution”. The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing deals with Nursing foundation and Medical Surgical Nursing for undergraduate and Advanced Nursing Practice, Clinical Specialty and super specialty for Post Graduate students. The department is having highly qualified, experienced and long standing competent faculty with defined research knowledge who uses various mode and innovative teaching strategies.

Medical and surgical nursing department provides an ideal environment for multi-professional learning. Medical surgical nurses hold various positions in and outpatient clinics, emergency departments, administration, surgical centers, home health care, humanitarian relief work, ambulatory surgical care and skilled nursing homes.

Training Areas

Our lady of health hospital (parent hospital) Thanjavur ,KG hospital, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, ANU hospital, Vasan eye care hospital, KRA hospital, Rohini hospital, cancer cure center and in & around hospitals in Thanjavur.


The specialty provide students to find the best evidence-based options for caring for infants, children and adolescents to enable the application of best practice in clinical settings. We are committed to providing an environment which supports tailored learning and research-based nurse practice development concurrently. So we took a step to offer this course for the students to get the job opportunity with Hospital and Learning disability clinics to practice as a independent Nurse practitioner Conducting practical examination by OSPE method to assess practical competencies in an appropriate, step-wise, methodical, objective and time-orientated manner with direct observation of the student's performance during planned clinical test stations.

Training Areas

Our Lady of health hospital, Royal hospital, RK hospital for women and children, PK hospital.


Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing is an extensive branch of nursing science dealing with women in relation to her reproductive organs, childbirth, and care of women before and after childbirth. Individual projects was initiated and encouraged in 2014 to promote Evidence Based Learning. Students are motivated to do inter disciplinary research.

We are practicing Objective structured practical examination (OSPE) method to conduct practical examination and quantum skill assessment method for formative evaluation.

Training Areas

Our lady of health hospital, NM hospital, Thanjavur.


The department actively participates in training, service and research in the field of community health nursing. The field training is imparted in both rural and urban areas. The rural community health training is given at Government Primary Health Centre, Vallam (Thanjavur District) and its field practice areas include Vallam, Thirukkanurpatti, Mappillainayakanpatti. The rural health centre provides preventive, curative, rehabilitative and referral services to the residents of about 30 villages.

The urban health experience is provided under the umbrella of Urban Health centre at Kallukulam. The department actively participates in all national health programmes implemented by Government of India and State government. The department laboratory has an excellent infrastructure to aid teaching and learning activities.

Community Services

Provides preventive, curative, rehabilitative and referral services. The students are trained on core competencies for clinical care (WHO, 2010) in the community health. The core competencies for clinical care range from health assessment, disease management, case finding, case management, observation and treatment according to delegated responsibility, etc.

> Regular surveys / enumeration are carried out for planning and implementation of health programmes.
> Screening of communicable and non communicable diseases, such as DM, HT, stroke and Cardiovascular diseases,    cancer cervix, TB, Filaria, dengue fever, HIV & AIDS.
> Regular home visits are made by community health nursing students under the supervision of the department faculty    members.
> Apply nursing process in the family which includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation steps.
> Surveillance and referrals/follow up for acute and critical illnesses.
> On regular basis, the department conducts school health programme for both private and government schools. The     package includes school health examination, referral and health education programme.
> Conduct need based individual, group and mass health education program regularly in the family, community, health     centre, and schools.
> Nursing students actively participate in all national health programmes, most importantly in Maternal and Child   Health, Immunization Programme, Filaria, Malaria, TB, Leprosy and HIV/AIDS programmes in collaboration with     government and public health sector.
> Participate actively during epidemics.


The specialty practice focuses on the identification of mental health issues, prevention of mental health problems and the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric disorders.

The specialty cares for the people of all ages with mental illness or mental distress such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, dementia and many more. Students in this area receive specific training in psychological therapies by building a therapeutic alliance, dealing with challenging behavior and the administration of psychiatric medication.

Training Areas

Thanjavur Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur